About Me

About Me

Hello! I’m Rianna, the face behind Lady Garden Illustration. By day I work as a medical statistician in a clinical trials unit, and by night/weekend I’m batman I create the illustrations you see here on my website!

I live in South London with Mr Lady Garden and my two cats, Vinny and Ralph. We love a lazy weekend, having brunch at home and then strolling round our local farmers markets. Aside from that and work, I spend my time baking brownies, wearing as much pink as possible and considering getting more cats (I’m forever getting stuck down an Instagram hole of cute cat videos!).

I started learning to draw a few weeks into the first lockdown here in the UK, just as a way to keep me occupied and unwind in the evenings. My boyfriend (now affectionately known on my Instagram as Mr Lady Garden) offered to teach me and I was hooked straight away. I’m still not entirely sure why but right away I was drawn to the art of line drawing. Something about the juxtaposition of simplicity and complexity really attracted me.

Having the female form as the focus of my art seemed a natural choice - in too many other areas of life I think we focus on the negatives of bodies and are critical of ourselves and others, but art strives to see the beauty in everything. So many of us spend years or lifetimes at war with ourselves, picking ourselves apart and fixating on supposed ‘flaws’. After years of this I’ve grown tired. Our bodies do so much for us and are so capable, I want to change the conversation to appreciating our bodies and moving forward on a journey to acceptance. 

I aim to portray bodies in full bloom, illustrating as many wonderful forms as I can. I passionately believe that all bodies are good bodies and am working to show them all in my art. It’s a slow process, especially since Lady Garden Illustration is in its infancy, but I hope to continue to diversify and show bodies which as many of us as possible can identify with.

So welcome to my little corner of the internet! I hope you like it and consider sticking around. Come say hi over on Instagram @ladygardenillustration and join in with the pink-coated fun!