Commission Gift Card

Commission Gift Card

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Order a completely bespoke and personal illustration for someone else - a keepsake piece of art to depict their beautiful body in all its loveliness. 

Together we’ll have a consultation of what is important to the recipient in the commission. Maybe they'd like to focus on their gorgeous stretch marks, perhaps a scar they're growing to love or do they have a favourite flower they just HAVE to have in there? By talking with the lucky recipient throughout the process I can create them a piece which is incredibly personal. 

Available in sizes A6, A5 and A4.

Please note they need to be aged 18+ for a commission.

Vouchers are valid for one year from the date of purchase. 

Physical gift vouchers will be sent to the delivery address given at checkout.

Please pop me an email if you have any questions:

So how does the process work? 

I draw the piece using photos of the recipient as a reference. My aim here is for the recipient to be as comfortable as possible so they can be as covered or uncovered in these photos as you wish. As long as I can get a good idea of the shape of their body we should be good to go. (Though I will just say, the more of their body I can see, the more accurate a reflection of them the piece is likely to be!). I’ve drawn from holiday bikini snaps, underwear pictures, nude ones, gym gear on etc - we can make it work. 

We’ll also have a conversation about why the piece is important to them - what do they want to feel when you see it? Perhaps they're on a journey of self-love and would like to see yourself in a different light. We’ll talk about the features of their body that they'd like to be included, flowers that they love, colours that would sit well in their home etc. This process is all about the recipient so I’m here to listen. 

Once we’re on the same page I’ll get to work on the drawing. I’ll make some initial pencil sketches (I prefer watercolour paper to sketch on!), eventually moving to pen drawings and then when I’m happy with these, transferring onto my iPad. Here I add colour and highlights before producing the final piece. I’ll take a photo of the finished artwork and send the recipient a copy to check it meets their expectations. 

Then it’s signed and packaged up with a mount board and protective biodegradable display bag. It will be sent via Royal Mail using tracked postage. And ta-dah, the commission is all theirs to enjoy!